Month: June 2019

Zeroing In on Isolation and Loneliness—Boosting Social Capital

Originally published on American Society on Aging: The healthcare community and general public increasingly acknowledge that “successful ag­ing” involves not...

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The Heart-Smart Menu Quiz

Originally published on AARP: What’s worse for your ticker: a hot dog or a hamburger? What’s healthier: a spinach salad...

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Living Longer. Living Healthier? Tips for Better Aging Infographic

Originally published on National Institute on Aging: Americans are living longer than their grandparents, but not necessarily in better health....

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Dementia: eat better, exercise, and reduce smoking and drinking to cut risk

Originally published on The Guardian: Taking better care of ourselves could be the best long-term strategy to tackling the growing...

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Aging In Place Inventory

Originally published on David Solie: This five-factor inventory is designed to help families and advisors better understand the sustainability issues...

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How do you start the conversation about finances with aging parents?

Originally published on David Solie: Care giving conversations can quickly turn threatening to older adults who are hypersensitive to losing...

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Be A Better Advocate for Older Adults in Your Community

Originally published on American Society on Aging: As we approach the 2020 elections, ASA will be shining a brighter light...

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Construction Update - June 2019

Traditions at North Willow - Project Update - June 2019 from Grand Contracting on Vimeo.

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